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Carvings for OME Banjos

Banjo resonator carved

Walnut resonator back, shown prior to finishing
During the late 1980s I carved for Ome Banjos in Boulder Colorado, decorating some of their top of the line models. It's one of the few instances when I actually made money as an artist.
Banjo Neck carving
Banjo peg head carving
Each of the sets I carved consisted of the resonator, the heel of the neck, and the back of the peg head. These models are still available today.
Rosewood banjo neck
All designs copyright
by Ome Banjos.
Images here are published with permission.
Rosewood peg head

This photo, provided by Ome Banjos from their catalog of the time, is of the models I worked on, although these are not the actual instruments I carved.


Ome Banjos
Ome Banjo catalog cover
Catalog Cover art provided by Ome Banjo
Used with permission

For more information on these instruments, contact:

OME Banjos
5680 Valmont Road
Boulder, CO 80301
TEL: (303) 449-0041
FAX: (303) 449-1809
email: info@omebanjos.com


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