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Mini Barn
Here's a 10' x 12" barn, another project made largely of salvaged materials. The only things purchased new were nails, a few sheets of OSB for the sheathing, the outer siding, and the shingles for the roof.
foundation forms
Above, the forms, ready for pouring concrete. The bulk of the lumber for this project came from dismantling large crates. Most glass companies receive stacks of glass sheets in huge wooden crates, usually made of 2x6s, 2x8s, and 1x6s, plus some other sizes. They're usually happy to give them away, provided you don't make a mess behind their shop. I always brought a broom. Thanks to Slade Glass in Boulder in this case.
poured concrete slab
To check that I was doing this economically, I tracked my time for hauling and dismantliing the crates, and measured this against the resulting lumber, at Home Depot prices. I found I was generating slightly more than my time-and-a-half overtime rate at the aerospace company where I worked.
walls starting to go up
The roof trusses below were made from 2x4 crate lumber, with OSB or plywood gussets glued and nailed. Much of the crate lumber was 2x8, and had to br ripped to narrower width, a quick job with a Skill 77 worm drive saw.
roof trusses being put in place
I would have sided the whole barn with 1x6, except that the ratio of lumber from glass crates doesn't provide quite enough 1x material.
roof sheathing being finished up
The unusual roof line was a lot of extra work, but I felt it was worth it for aesthetics, and some practical considerations. I wanted the entrance along the longer side, and this added gable kept rain off the front doors.
completed shell
Above, the shell is complete. After the roof was on, the siding came next.
putting the siding on
The windows were salvaged "take-out" units, being discarded by Slade Glass after a remodel.
completed barn, before paint
inside the loft
I finished this up in the early fall, and it was the next spring before I got it painted.
Painted white

I drew up the plans for this barn with AutoCAD.  Click imge for a larger jpeg, or here for a *.pdf.  If you want the plans in CAD format (*.dxf), send me an email.

plans, click for larger image
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