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Over the years I've made a number of spoons and salad server sets. These are in Mahogany.
Mahogany Salad Servers
Below, a restoration project for an antique headboard:
Tudor Rose, in redwood
Tudor rose in redwood
Tie Clasp in Mahogany
Tie Clasp in mahogany

This is about the only surviving work from my time in art school. I liked this piece very much for various reasons. In school, I always did my best work at the last minute. This was an assignment at school that I'd neglected until a couple of days before. I don't remember what the assignment was. My best description is "Self Portrait"

hand self portrait
This is based on an inspiration. The thing that's special about this piece to me is that it came out exactly as it was first envisioned in my mind, which is too oftena rarity. Most visions are vulnerable, and have time and outside influence to deflect them from the original concept. Sometimes that's good, sometimes you don't really want that. But this, I started on immediately, and didn't stop for what I remember as 32 hours. I didn't sleep, and snacked only minimally, and didn't leave my studio or speak to another person in that entire time. Straight through.
Below is an art nouveau mirror frame. Click for more about this project.
Carved art nouveau mirror frame
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