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A Classical Guitar
Many years ago, in my gap year before heading off to college, I started a classical guitar. It got left behind, and I forgot about it, until it was unearthed when my parents moved out of their house decades later. Most of it had gone to the four winds, but the sound board remained.
Classical guitar top
I made this rosette out of the Irving Sloan book when I was about 18. It's not the ultimate in craftsmanship, and has some problems that need to be addressed, mainly a lot of very hard rosewood and ebony end grain that is too high and needs to be leveled. After thinking about this for several years, I have a plan worked out for that. The cut at the left is, of course, covered by the finger board.
rosette close up
The Sitka spruce itself is a top notch piece, with an clear sustaining tone when struck. I want to salvage it and make a guitar out ot it. Aging is very much desired in guitar tone woods. This piece was sold in the late 60s as being aged 10 years, and so now is approaching nearly 60 years from the forest.
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