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I just didn't like anything in the glasses store, so I decided to build my own.
First I bought a several pairs of Art Deco era rimless frames I liked on eBay. I ended up with the nose piece from one pair, and the hinges and ear pieces from another.
ebay listing
Then I designed new lenses. The problem with antique glasses is that they're always fairly small. I learned that this is for two reasons: One, the technology of the time didn't allow for making large lenses economically, and secondly, if they did make them, they would have weighed too much because they were solid glass. The rimless frames and modern lightweight high-index plastic allow more freedom in lens design.
CAD design
After working out the design with CAD software, I made a pair of blanks from plain acrylic on my CNC milling machine. The old frame parts were then assembled to these. It took a second try to get the shape I liked.
Being far sighted, I can't see in the mirror without real lenses, hence the selfie.
test fit
I love how they came out - they're super lightweight and comfortable. I've always like the wire ear things, and I don't think you can get those any more on modern glasses.
Finished glasses
Heinz Ebner and daughter Jennifer Thanks to Heinz Ebner at Aspen Eyewear In Boulder for the progressive lenses, final assembly and alignment!
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