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This is the second guitar I completed, the first of three built simultaneously from the same set of plans.

The back and sides are made from a maple forklift pallet, and the top from an old piece of redwood siding. The walnut trim as well as the rosewood bridge and fret board are from salveged furniture pieces, and the recycling symbol from a piece of Corian countertop material. Only the strings, tuners, frets, and bridge pins are new.

Click here for the page on building this, along with two others.

laying in the case
Face down
close up of neck joint
close up of peg head
close up
This one sounds great. I put a French polish on it, which is fast and easy, once you develop skill. I could still use some improvement there. I plan to finish the other two with sprayed Nitrocellulose Lacquer, which is a little more durable. I can't wait to get the other two finished, so I can compare sound between the different woods.
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