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I've spent much of my career working in the aerospace industry, but also such diverse fields as Bio Tech, Industrial Laser Marking, and Telecommunications. Visit my professional site: www.burrowesllc.com.

Below are just a few representative samples of things I've done in high tech fields.


measuring a 24 inch mirror on a Fizeau Interferometer
Photo credit: Ball Aerospace

Here I am (right) measuring a 24 inch mirror on a Fizeau Interferometer at Ball Aerospace. The mirror was made by Tinsley Laboratories for the Relay Mirror Experiment (RME) orbiting satellite, built by Ball Aerospace in Boulder, Colorado, launched in 1989. Purely coincidentally, Hal Grandin, owner of Tinsley Labs, regularly raced his yacht, the Tinsley Light against the Natoma, which I'd built in the 1970s in Alameda California.


automated protein refolding instrument

The instrument above is called the world's first protein refolding instrument. While working for Bio-Strand, a subsidiary of Precision System Science, I proposed the basic concept for this machine to PSS customer Proteomtech, in California. My role, after winning the contract, was to design the prototype you see above, in collaboration with an electrical engineer. This unit was built in the Bio-Strand prototype shop. It involves a serpentine conveyor which circulates 96 sample bottles once an hour. As each sample passes a test and adjustment station, measurements are taken, and various chemical adjustments are made, until the process is complete in about 24 hours.

In 2003, at the same time as the completion of this project, Bio-Strand's mission was complete, and PSS planned to close the Colorado facility. As all the property was being disposed of, I was able to acquire the entire prototype shop in a very attractive deal, which formed the basis of my present business, Burrowes Instruments.


In yet another industry, one of my earliest customers in business was a new startup in the laser marking field, Kevron, Inc. I designed and built their marking head, and since then have been the manufacturer for the marking head. Above is one of the mechanisms that is a part of this.


assembly fixtures
My first job with this customer was machining beta quantities of parts for a new technology. Above are five out of twenty-five assembly fixtures I built for them, to use in their production line. Below is a test station for the same customer, built in collaboration with an electrical engineer. This automated system tests cables for continuity under tension, as well as controlled flexion and vibration loads.
cable test system


Below is a dual flip mechanism I designed and fabricated at Ball Aerospace. It's used to alternately move a calibration source and a filter in and out of an optic beam used in testing imaging devices. The assembly goes in a modular segmented vacuum chamber. It was around this time that projects like this gave me the idea for the one-stop-shop design and build business I have today.

Photo credit: Ball Aerospace

Below: Parts for a materials testing system
machined parts


The bulk of my professional life, especially in the last ten years, has been spent on things that I can't publish for one reason or another. Suffice to say, I've been very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with some terrific people on some of the most amazing technologies imaginable, making for a very rewarding career.

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