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Art Nouveau Jewelry Chest, closed
Photo credit: Ken Hutchison
Art Nouveau Jewelry Chest, open
Photo credit: Ken Hutchison

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At the time I made this chest, I had little in the way of wood working equipment. I did the joinery with an improvised table saw, which consisted of a my Skil saw clamped upside down in a plywood box. The rest was done with hand tools. The wood is Honduras mahogany, with maple drawers with aromatic cedar bottoms.

Jewelry chest front detail Photo Credit: Ken Hutchison

My high school graduation present was a set of twelve Henry Taylor carving chisels, which I still have and use today, along with additions to the set. I did most of the carving with these, along with various knives, and the occasional specialized tool. I spent about two years on this chest, off and on, finishing it around 1989.

  Jewelry chest, left side detail   Jewelry chest, right side detail

There is a music box underneath, which is actuated by lifting the lid. The same
mechanism, hidden in the back, also locks and unlocks all five drawers as the lid is lifted. Below are a couple of carving details shot before final sanding and finishing.

  Jewelry chest, top detail Jewelry chest, front right corner detail

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