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I've always had a penchant for building things out of salvaged materials. In my younger days, it was often for economy, but in more recent times it's been a matter of a challenge, and thinking about sustainable construction. Sometimes it's just for fun. In this case, a large new grinding machine arrived at work, delivered on a heavy wooden skid made entirely of mahogany timbers. Seniority was about to dictate who got to take the skid home for firewood, but I trumped them all with my proposal to make furniture out of it, and took the whole thing home.

Carved art nouveau mirror frame
This is glued up from timbers about 3" x 4", strategically dodging bolt holes in areas to be sawed off. I band-sawed the middle out before the final glue-up of the right and left halves. The whole frame is about 34" high. I put a hardwood spline in the back of the thin part that goes across the mirror in the upper left.
top close-up
lower detail
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