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Longitudinal structural members are added
Once all the temporary frames are in place, longitudinal hull members called "ribbands" are added. At this point the boat is supported only by the ballast keel, and by timber shores bolted and clamped to the rafters of the boat shop.
Bow on view
more temporary framing
Narrow temporary ribbands are added in between the wide structural ones, to help shape the hull planking.
The first of five layers of spruce planking is started.
The first of five layers of spruce planking is started.

The hull takes shape

Deck beams are added while work continues on the hull planking.

Staples hold layers temporarily, but the real strength comes from the epoxy applied to every plank.

Planking is complete

In the machine shop, I'm turning the bearing seat into a stainless steel weldment that will hold the rudder bearing and packing gland.

The lower rudder bearing is machined into a bronze casting, with a Delrin insert.

The rudder shaft is shaped on a 1905 LeBlonde lathe. The 24" x 144" lathe was a brute, and could do some accurate work, driven by a 4" flat leather belt from a motor up in the rafters.

The rudder is operated by steel cables connected to the wheel up on deck, pulling back on forth on the quadrant. This one is about 30" wide.

The rudder shaft and bearing, assembled.

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