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Inside the stern. Bronze and stainless weldments tie key elements together. In this photo, the rudder is just being installed, and is suspended by the block and tackle in the foreground. The temporary frames and the narrow temporary ribbands will soon be removed.

None of the plates in this welded silicon bronze corner reinforcement are flat, but have to be individually shaped to match the hull, deck and transom shape.

These are called the main chains.

The term "chain" comes from the old square riggers, whose shrouds (cables holding the mast to the side) went down to a structure outside the hull, and were then anchored to the hull below that with long links of iron chain.

On a modern racing sailing boat, the chains are placed as far inboard as possible in order to allow the jib to be close hauled, which permits the boat to point that much closer into the wind.

On the Natoma, these were moved over a foot inboard with these structures. Heavy stainless steel plates protrude through the deck for the shrouds to attach to.

The main chains installed. The temporary ribbands have been removed.

Reinforcement for the winches above

Nearly three dozen drawers for the cabins

Ready for decking

Temporary shores are still bolted to the building's rafters, holding the boat upright. Soon the launching cradle will be built under the hull, so the shores can be removed.

Paint is finished, and the launching cradle built underneath.

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