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Tool Chest Stacks
There was an electronics manufacturing plant near me that was throwing out large wire spools by the score. They were made of seven-ply 3/4" birch plywood. I must have brought home over a hundred of these. This is only one of many projects I made out of this wind-fall resource.
Lower chest, without drawers
I made these in sections, the size driven by the largest rectangle I could cut out of the 36" diameter.
The general design was influenced by my tool box stack I had for my day job as a machinist.
top section, without drawers
The tops of the upper chests, and the lower chest on the right, have 1/16" stainless steel sheets on them. These were sheared from discarded bench covers in the electronics department of the aerospace company I worked for, when they were thrown out after all new laminate bench tops were installed.
complete chest stacks
The set has twenty-six drawers all together.
showing drawers open
Below, my carving chisels
chisel drawer
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