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I've created a new page for my dad's whittlings. My Dad's Whittlings  
A new page is added for some studio doors I built years ago. wood collage studio doors  
The Mini Barn page is complete mini barn under construction  

Finished last year: a woodworking bench:

woodworking bench  

The latest completion:

A guitar made from a forklift pallette and a piece of redwood siding:


Three brothers, now complete


1949 International Harvester truck, restored and repowered

Page started for an old project

1949 International Harvester stake bed truck  

New page:
Tool chest stacks made
from wire spools

Tool chest stacks under construction  
Rolling Stone page revised and expanded Sloop Rolling under sail  

Custom eyeglasses

custom eyeglasses  
Wine Glass Rack Wine Glass Rack  



There's a lot more to add to this site. I have boxes and files of photos that need to be sorted, scanned, stories to write, and so on. Many of the non-clickable photos on this site will become clickable as I develop new pages. I'll make note of new additions on this page.

I’d love to hear from people what they’d like to see more of, or which of the non-clickable photos I should develop pages for.


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